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The History of the DMIMF

The D Major International Festival of Music                                             Maestra Vivian Conejero, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor

The D Major International Festival of Music                                             Maestra Vivian Conejero, Artistic Director & Principal Conductor

The D Major International Music Festival was founded by Maestra Vivian Conejero.  Her original mission was to offer opportunities on an International level to underexposed professional Classical musicians with disabilities and to integrate them with comparably gifted conductors, composers, instrumental and vocal soloists, as well as orchestral players without disabilities.  The D Major International Music Festival is now fully integrated; it is NOT a “disability festival,” but a festival which welcomes all qualified participants, regardless of disability, age, race, etc.  High-caliber, professional-level conductors, composers, instrumentalists, and singers with/without disabilities will be invited to be a part of every festival and to have their appearances recorded on audio and/or video—as available and if affordable in each locale.  

The festival was inaugurated in Kiev, Ukraine.  Two dynamic orchestral concerts and one fine saxophone and piano recital were performed during the week of November 21-25, 2011, on the campus of the University of Kiev.  Programs for these performances encompassed five works by living composers--including two pieces by a female composer—and many works by the great masters from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.  Truly international in scope, the initial DMIMF featured selections by composers from both American hemispheres (Canada, USA, and Mexico) as well as from Eastern Europe (Romania and Russia) and Western Europe (Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain).  All festival participants represented the United States of America, although two were originally born in Latin America and most  were second or third generation Europeans.

The Spring DMIMF in Pleven, Bulgaria (May 28-June 1st, 2012) was extremely successful and elicited considerable local and national publicity in that country.  Maestra Conejero and three other conductors--including a composer who conducted her own music--participated in this second festival.  There were two Bulgarian premieres and one world premiere of music from Canadian, Chinese, and Venezuelan contemporary composers, two of whom happened to be female.   The selections from composers from the past represented Austria, Germany, and Russia.  The festival participants hailed from North and South America as well as from China.

Following are links to articles on the DMIMF in the Bulgarian press:
On July 24, 2012, the DMIMF made its Western European debut in Trani, Italy.  The concert took place in the lovely Cattedrale Trani, playing to a full and very appreciative audience.   Maestra Conejero and two guest conductors led the marvelous Bacau State Philharmonic from Romania in works by European and Latin-American composers of the past and present, including one female composer from Venezuela, who conducted her own music and that of her German colleague.  Our guest soprano from Brazil regaled the audience with favorite vocal selections by Gounod, Puccini, and Villa-Lobos.  The concert was so successful that Maestra Conejero was invited to return to Trani next summer.

Trani DMIMF links:


Due to the resounding success of the July DMIMF, Dr. Conejero was invited to schedule another festival in Italy, this time in the province of Venice (September 12, 2012), with one concert at the  small but charming Basilica di Martellago.  This festival concert too was very well-attended—despite a fierce rainstorm—and exceedingly successful, concluding with a cheering, standing ovation for Maestra Conejero’s powerful rendition of Wagner’s overture to Tannhauser.  Other works from great composers from the past (from Italy and Russia) were also performed at this concert.  The selections included several favorite arias and intermezzi from operas by Mascagni, Puccini, and Verdi.  In addition, four contemporary pieces were played, three of them by female composers.  The countries represented by new music were Canada, Germany, and Venezuela.  One of the contemporary selections received its world premiere; another its first performance in Italy; the other two, their Venetian premieres.

Links to selected videos from the September 12, 2012 Concert in Martellago, Venice, Italy:
Puccini, Manon Lescaut.  Intermezzo

Puccini, Madama Butterfly.  “Un bel di vedremo”

Verdi, Il Trovatore. “Tacea la notte placida”

The DMIMF's Romanian debut on March 14, 2013 was “a very big success” in the words of the host orchestra’s manager.  Each musical selection elicited several curtain calls and standing ovations.  Maestra Conejero was also praised by her excellent taste in programming this concert.  Dr. Conejero and one guest conductor led the orchestra in magnificent works from the Romantic repertory, by some of the greatest composers of all times.  The DMIMF's Romanian concert was announced on the local press as well as on radio and television.

Links to videos from the March 14, 2013 concert in Bacau, Romania:

Mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana. Intermezzo (Stage view)

Mendelssohn, DIE SCHONE MELUSINE Overture (Stage view)

Puccini, Manon Lescaut.  Intermezzo (Stage view)

Tchaikovsky, Hamlet (audience view)

Tchaikovsky, Introduction to PIQUE DAME (Stage view)

Wagner, Overture to RIENZI (Stage view)

Wagner, Overture to RIENZI (mpg video ran out shortly before the performance’s conclusion):

The April 12, 2013 concert in Poland was conducted entirely by the DMIMF’s Director and was a tremendous success, eliciting a long standing ovation at its conclusion.  Maestra Conejero programmed some of her favorite Romantic compositions by Saint-Saens, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, and Weber, all works illustrating the realm of the supernatural in musical terms.

On July 31, 3013, the DMIMF was invited to be part of the Festivale Sinfonico in Massa (Tuscany), Italy.  The concert was held in the imposing local Duomo, playing to a capacity and enthusiastic audience.  Maestra Conejero and her two guest conductors ddelighted their listeners with favorite selections by Bernstein, Gounod, Rossini, Suppe, Verdi, and Wagner.

Massa DMIMF – July 31, 2013:



The DMIMF's Rome debut was spectacular in both music-making and audience appreciation.  Each selection played by our host Romanian orchestra was met with thundering applause and cheering.  At the concert's conclusion, Maestra Conejero was  asked to encored the ending of Suppe's LIGHT CAVALRY Overture and received a huge buquet of flowers, compliments of the Romanian Embassy in Italy.  Both the Romanian Embassy and the Romanian Academy as well as the University of Letters and Philosophy ROMA TRE were responsible for the organization of this concert.  There were nineteen pages of press releases, announcing the event in the Roman newspapers; the concert was extremely well-attended and warmly received.  

The DMIMF's director, Maestra Conejero,  and guest conductor Howie Ching were highly acclaimed and praised for their dynamic conducting of various works from the Romantic period and one contemporary piece (led by Maestro Ching).  Canadian composer, Evelyn Stroobach’s AURORA BOREALIS received its Rome premiere that evening.



On November 4 and 6 of 2014, the DMIMF presented two enjoyable concerts in, respectively, the cities of Bern and Uster (Switzerland).  Both concerts featured the artistic collaboration of a very fine concert pianist, several young singers, and more than one guest conductor.  Evelyn Stroobach's lovely "Aria for Strings" received its Swiss premiere, conducted by Salvatore Cicero.  Among other selections, Maestra Conejero led performances of the overture to Cherubini's MEDEA, at both concerts.

The DMIMF will be held at other cities and countries around the world.  Depending on monetary resources and other factors, the DMIMF will occur at least once per year.  Click on "Upcoming DMIMF Events" to learn about current projects.



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